Cafe «Divan»

Cafe Divan has received its name from the supreme organ of state power in the Crimean Khanate, where met heads of the most powerful families. In our cafe you have the opportunity of feeling yourself very honored guest of the Khan's court, to taste originally Crimean cuisine and relax in a picturesque atmosphere, designed in national style.

Cafe Divan is an excellent choice for solitary meetings, business talks and for lively parties. The Crimean comfortable sofas, carved oriental tables, luxurious carpets, surrounded by walls with unique paintings depicting the beauty and splendor of the Crimea are waiting for you. For centuries, the Crimean food recipes passed down from generation to generation, being revised, differentiated and perfected. Variety of dishes is due not only to the rich flora and fauna of the Crimea, but prolonged contact with the people of the Crimea with Greece, Italy, Iran, Turkey, Central Asia and the Caucasus. Today you can enjoy succulent Cheburek, a tasty Yantyk, tender Kebabs, special Crimean soups (shorba), aromatic Samsa and much more. You should pay individual attention to delicious oriental sweets. A unique taste of all the dishes is the result of mastery of our cooks and using of only natural and best quality products that meet the requirements of Halal standarts. National Crimean music underlines the atmosphere of serenity and comfort.

For those who like to eat in the open-air we have a wooden pavilion - a true beacon of peace and tranquility right on the main street of Simferopol

Welcome to the tastiest and cozy cafe of Simferopol!




Cafe Divan

Taste of Crimea

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